A Centre of Excellence in Genomic Science

Genomics is the field of science that is empowering scientists in transforming the world around us. From innovations that effectively enhance human health; to knowledge that helps us better understand the environment; to the possibilities of creating new biological sources of energy, genomic science is paving the way for a better future. Genomics has yet to be fully unleashed in enhancing crop productivity. In order to capture this potential, ACGT is a centre of excellence in genomic science focusing on the application of genome technology to crop improvement. ACGT is in the business of developing genomics-based solutions to increase productivity and enhance value creation from oil palm and other crops.

Genomic Solutions

ACGTs goal is to develop and commercialise genomics-based solutions that have the potential to increase crop productivity and value. This is accomplished through R&D activities in genome sequencing and biomarker discovery. Innovations arising from these R&D activities will create novel high yielding planting materials.